World Population Day 2023 : Awesome Quotes

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To save this beautiful world, to save the coming tomorrow, we have to control the population today”.

What are you going to be filming? Will you be on the go? Or static in the studio?

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“If you think about it, the root cause of many of the problems we face is the population problem.”

My choice for best camera:

RED Camera

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“One step to control this growing population is one step that can save this world from a dark future.”


“This World Population Day – make a wish within yourself to enjoy a less crowded future in 2023 and make it happen.”

“This earth we live on will not last for generations to come: if population is not controlled.”



“Population control is about getting the space and resources needed by future generations”.

“Adopting a child is a better idea than giving birth to a child, this idea will give a beautiful world in the coming days.”

My go to lenses:

Nikon HB-47 50mm lens

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